Effects of aerosol deposition on gas exchange

ECOScience du 27 janvier 2023

27 janvier 2023

Juergen Burkhardt

Effects of aerosol deposition on gas exchange

  • Effects of aerosol deposition on gas exchange: The common model concepts for (trace) gas fluxes between plants and the atmosphere assume clean leaf surfaces. In reality, however, leaf surfaces are partially covered by deposits from the atmosphere or from agricultural measures. Does this make a difference? Many deposits are hygroscopic, leading to ‘premature dew formation’ (condensation) within the humid leaf boundary layer. Although only tiny, hydrologically irrelevant amounts of water are involved, micrometeorological trace gas fluxes can be affected. And the condensation leads to concentrated salt solutions, which are potentially capable of penetrating into the stomata of leaves, changing plant transpiration pathways, and affecting plant gas exchange.

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