ECOScience du 16 juin 2023

16 juin 2023

Laura Bignotti

• Size-resolved aerosol fluxes above a broadleaf deciduous forest

  • Size-resolved aerosol fluxes above a broadleaf deciduous forest: The atmospheric aerosol is a global concern for its harmful effects on human health. Vegetation is commonly believed to play an important role in mitigating air pollution for its capability of retaining air pollutants on its surfaces. However, the aerosol exchanges between vegetation and the atmosphere are far from being unidirectional. Aerosols deposited on vegetation can be re-suspended into the atmosphere, and vegetation itself can release primary aerosols such as pollen and spores, as well as gaseous precursors of secondary aerosols. A complete characterization of all these processes is still lacking. To gain a deeper understanding on the dynamic exchanges between vegetation and the atmosphere, this presentation will discuss size-resolved aerosol flux measurements conducted above a broadleaved deciduous forest in the Po Valley, Italy. In particular, it will explore the role of leaves on aerosol vertical fluxes and examine how meteo-climatic factors such as atmospheric stability, friction velocity, and the closeness of ambient temperature to the dew temperature influence vertical aerosol exchanges.



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